15 September 2013

Songs I LOVE!

Soooooo, here we are! My first music post! 2 posts in one day, damn I must love you guys!

I need music on a Sunday. 'Homework music' I call it, as generally I end up doing all my homework last thing on a Sunday. But, if you're lucky enough to not have to do homework on a Sunday, and just spend Sundays watching 'Ella Enchanted' and 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' back to back (which is what I was doing today, as it is the beginning of term and I got my shit together and did my homework yesterday!) then hey, just have a listen to some great music anyway!

Here they are then, just a few songs I am currently in love with at the moment:

Knights of Cydonia - Muse

I did some excellent lip syncing to this when I was out the other day, complete with air guitar and drums... The people in the office block next to me gave me some funny looks, but hey, it's Muse!

212 - Azaelia Banks

I must admit I hated this song when it came out. But it's grown on me, and I frankly am quite in love with it now.

And finally, the Russian Easter Overture Op. 36 - Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov

I'm not usually a fan of listening to classical music, but I enjoy playing it, and I am playing this piece with my orchestra, and it is beautiful.. just, give it a listen...

So that's it for today! I will be posting again, hopefully on Tuesday!
Love you!
Ella x


  1. Knights of cydonia is also a good epic running song

  2. Haha the EXACT same thing happened with me and "212" :)


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