29 August 2013

West Coast is the Best Coast!

Helloooooo!! I'm back! Did you miss me?

I have been away on an uh-maze-ing 3-week holiday in the USA mit meine familie! We visited about a million places in California, Nevada and Arizona so it was very busy and tiring, but incredible as we got to see so much!

Now, this would be an excessively long and boring post if I attempted to describe every place I went to in extreme detail, so I'm going to try and just do one sentence about each! List time...

San Francisco - I loved pretty much everything about this city, Golden Gate Bridge, the bay, the streets, it was all great except for the horrid people who sold me a duff disposable camera and wouldn't give me a refund (I'm still fuming...) However, overall this was my favourite city (already broken the 1 sentence rule.. oops!)

Monterey/Big Sur - The drive along the coast was fabulous!

LA - Apparently it is possible to get into Hollywood even if you're not famous! (when I was younger, i.e. a few months ago, I thought there was a locked gate, and guard dogs and things to stop 'normal' people going in)

San Diego - San Diego Zoo is literally the best zoo I have ever been to. I saw a polar bear do a poo and then divebomb into the water holding a bag of carrots, what more could you want?

Joshua Tree National Park - yep, I'd never heard of it either, but it was a pretty cool desert, although cool might not be the best word to describe it, as it was boiling hot!

The Grand Canyon - It was a canyon.. and it was very grand! I also nearly died (slight exaggeration) in a thunderstorm! I've never seen so much lightening in my life!

Las Vegas - After queuing in a 3 mile long traffic jam for 2 hours just because there were some men putting out a few cones, we arrived at Vegas to find that it was pouring it down. I am not a party person, and the casinos creeped me out, so Vegas was not my favourite place in the world..

Death Valley - Death Valley is one of the hottest, driest places in the world, yet at first we couldn't get in as the road was flooded!! We finally managed to get in another way, and it was very impressive, although very very hot!

Sequoia National Park - I saw the biggest tree IN THE WORLD!!!! 

Yosemite National Park - Despite the giant wildfire which was just 9 miles away from our campsite, I had a really great time, and there was lots of amazing scenery!

So yes, that's my holiday in a (very large) nutshell! I just loved America, the places, the scenery, and especially the people (I need to do a whole other post about the people!).

I promise to put up some photos of my trip when I have sorted the camera out! I hope you've all had equally great summers!

Ta ta for now!

Ella x


  1. Wow! I was JUST in the exact same places (well, most of them). San Francisco is awesome. Check out my post about it: http://comeseethebrightside.blogspot.com/
    *shamelessly self-promoting*
    Glad to see you had a good time.

  2. Calls very cool! Stylebruch.blogspot.com

  3. Ok, now I'm hating you.
    (kidding of course, but I'd like to visit the States so much!!!)

  4. Ohh so jealous. I love America.

  5. I love AMERICA. I will be abraod this fall in London. I definitely will need your tips. I visited your blog because I was inspired by one of your comments on Rookie Mag. You are a vision.



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