6 August 2013

Summertime Films...

Howdy y'all! (I'm getting into the American spirit on account of my holiday over there a couple of days!!)

I'm so sorry that I've been away from blogging for a bit. I haven't been away or anything (YET!) but I've just been outside all the time enjoying the lovely summer weather! Ok ok, poor excuse. Especially as when I say 'outside' I really mean 'inside with the door open'. Watching lots and lots of films.

Therefore, dear readers, I have decided to do a little reviewio of some of the better films that I have watched recently! Just for you (aren't you lucky!). So, here goes...

1) The Terminal
I have seen this many times before, but I love it so so so much that I just had to watch it again! Tom Hanks plays the sweetest, most heartwarming character - Viktor Naorski from the fictional country Krakozia, who finds himself living in an airport. You're loving it already, I can tell! Ok, ok, it may sound like a boring film, but it's totally the opposite! It's funny, sad, and just a really unique take on your average rom com.
I can't really describe what makes this film so good, but if you haven't seen it yet, go and watch it!!

Favourite Quote:
 'I've been waiting my whole life. I just don't know what for.'

2) Sister Act
I know I know, I can't believe I hadn't seen this film before either. It is hilarious!!! I mean, it's full of singing nuns, lots and lots of singing nuns. Moreover, the main character Doloris is played by Whoopi Goldberg, who may just be the most bad-ass human being on the planet, not to mention that her name is WHOOPI!
Just, amazing, hilarious, wonderful, brilliant, fantastic, funny, bleurgh!! Watch it!

Favourite Quote:
'But look at me! I'm a nun! I'm a - I'm a penguin!'

3) Cloud Atlas

After watching this with my family, we collectively pronounced it as 'weird'. However, in secret, on the inside, I was intrigued by it, and overall, quite enjoyed it! I would try to describe it, but I can't. I mean, there are 5 different time zones, 5 different story lines, and zillions of characters. It's completely mindblowing. Added funsie, all the actors play multiple characters, and it's fun guessing who's who. I mean Halle Berry as a wizened old man - hilare!

Favourite Quote:

'What is an ocean but a multitude of drops'

4) She's the Man/ Romeo + Juliet/ 10 things I hate about You

You know what's better than 3 brilliant chick flicks. 3 brilliant chick flicks based on Shakespeare! Especially if like me you haven't quite got round to reading any Shakespeare, and so watching these films can fill you in on any gaps in your knowledge, as it were. Plus, a young Leonaro DiCaprio, a young Channing Tatum and a young Heath Ledger. What more could you want!

                                                 Favourite Quotes:

                                                                   'Sorry Mom, I have a strict no-ruffles policy'
                                                                   'Do you bite your thumb at me sir?'
                                                                   'The shit hath hitith the fan - ith'

5) Sherlock

Although technically not a film, Sherlock is genuinely the greatest TV show ever created (with the possible exception of QI and Downton Abbey). If you haven't seen this yet, WHY NOT!!!!!! 
I somehow manage to simultaneously fancy Benedict Cumberbatch AND Martin Freeman AND Lara Pulver (although she was only in it for one episode..)
I am so psyched for the next series, but until that happens I am going have to continue watching and re watching the first two series...

Favourite Quote:

'Get out! I need to go to my mind palace'
(I really need to use this in an argument some time...)

So yeah! That's it!

This is going to be my last post in a while, due to the aforementioned holiday in the USofA!! But I will be back!

Love you all!

Ella x


  1. Ohmygosh, I got so excited when you mentioned QI, because I love that show so much and nobody here in America knows about it!
    I love your reviews, I'll have to watch some of these!
    Have fun on your trip... I don't mean to be stalkerish or snoopy or anything (just curious!) but where are you going?

    1. QI is such a great progamme! I've been doing a mini marathon of all the series this summer, courtesy of youtube!
      We're doing a tour around the south west of america, san fransisco, LA, the grand canyon, that sort of thing. I'm so excited, I've never been to America before!
      I'm sure I'll do a post all about it when I get back!
      Ella x

    2. Cool! I'm looking forward to that post. I've never been that far west, but it sounds fun :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with Sherlock! It's an amazing show

  3. 10 things I hate about you, this is great!!

  4. woooo sherlock and sister act!!! thanks for the film recommendation anyway, i'll add that to the gigantic list of films i really want to watch but never had the time :]

  5. Great choice of films - Sherlock is my favourite thing, I could listen to benedict Cumberbatch deducing things all day long :)


  6. #4!!!!!!!! i love those lady flicks! they are so totally the best movies to sit down and watch and a rainy summer day!

    also... NEED to see cloud atlas!

    instagram: ihatetomatosoup

  7. I'm still waiting for a time when I can use the 'mind palace' excuse as a way to tell someone to go away. I totally wanted to see Cloud Atlas as well but all my friends thought it looked weird....

  8. OMG EVERYTHING IN THIS I LOVE. Well, I haven't seen cloud atlas but I'm sure it's awesome. Also, a friend spotted Benedict in Cardiff the other day, meaning that series three is definitely on its way!!!!!

  9. "coff coff young Joseph Gordon-Levitt too coff coff"


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